Regional QI Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoP) were set up to support working together on quality improvement across Northern Ireland.

There are five CoPs reflecting common areas of interest across the HSC:

ICT and Communications

Co-Chairs Gill Smith, NHSCT

Focus: Develop and implement on a phased basis a digital platform that can help all those (staff, service users and the public) interested/involved in quality improvement and innovation to get access to information and resources to support improvement and share good practice. Utilising the platform as a key communications tool to keep everyone informed, connected and inspired to make changes to improve service.  The HSCQI site went live in March 2018, and the CoP are continuing to work to build the content and make if useful for staff, service users and the public.  You can check out examples of QI work from across NI on the site, find references to useful learning resources and tools, watch videos, register for the HSCQI Newsletter or catch up with the latest news on the Twitter feed.  Get on-line with us at: and share with us your feedback on how to improve the site!

If you want to know more about the ICT CoP please contact:

Personal and Public Involvement (PPI)

Co-Chairs Clifford.Mitchell, Southern Trust
and Laura Collins, Service User and Carer
Focus: How we co-design quality improvement and innovation approaches in Northern Ireland with service users, carers and families.


Co-Chairs Olga O’Neill, BHSCT and Pauline Thompson, SEHSCT

Focus: Exploring what ‘innovation’ means and how it can thrive in health and social care.


Co-Chairs Linda Kelly, SEHSCT and Jacqueline Morton, SHSCT

Current Membership and contact emails are listed below

Focus: Developing professional leadership for quality improvement

Evaluation and Outcomes

Co-Chairs Ruth Gray, SEHSCT and Brenda Carson, SEHSCT

Focus: How we can best measure and evaluate the impact of quality improvement work by drawing on best practice frameworks.

All the CoPs are meeting on a regular basis to take forward their individual areas of focus.

October 2018 Update


The workforce community of practice met on 20th September 2018. The community are keen to support the development of regional approach to building capacity and capability for quality improvement and innovation. The community of practice will focus effort on building foundations and sharing opportunities in the spirit of collaboration in order to influence the longer term development of a regional approach to developing quality improvement and innovation. To this end, the group agreed they would focus on coordinating regional approaches across the following programs;

  • Service user learning opportunity to be coordinated by Southern Trust.
  • STEP program to be rolled out across all Trusts – supported by Colin McMullan, Belfast Trust
  • Regional approach to coaching for improvement to be explored by the community.
  • Flow coaching to be coordinated by Mandy Gormley in the Western Trust.
  • All Trusts to commit to supporting the development of learning opportunities within primary care.
  • Aimee Durkin to explore support and development opportunities for front-line clinical teams.


The ICT community of practice met on the 26th of September. The community reviewed the HSCQI site analytics, content and visibility. Given Trusts have now received some staffing resource from HSCQI, there is a concerted effort required to build the site content and regular Twitter activity. The community noted the communications post to support the work of HSCQI is essential to leading the communications approach. Barbara Campbell shared that she had met with PHA to ascertain what support they can provide in the interim and she will feedback to the group.

The community is currently focusing on:

  • Increasing website content – weekly data will be shared with Trust leads
  • Increase of content of information for alternate weekly newsletter
  • Increase visibility of the communities of practice on the website
  • Development of marketing materials to support HSCQI
  • Review of life QI


 The PPI community of practice met on the 16th August and 1st October 2018 and are planning the launch of the GREAT checklist for engaging service users in quality improvement which will take place on the 12th of October 2018 in the Innovation Factory. The leaflets have been co-produced with service users and practitioners and funded by the PHA.


 The innovation community of practice met on the 11th of September 2018. The community identified a key priority for them is to continue to build momentum around opportunities for innovation and ensure they become more visible to the HSC workforce. The community noted it is essential to continue to promote collaboration with non-healthcare sector groups to build creative opportunities to do things differently. The group are planning to host an innovation eco-mapping system workshop on the 22nd of November 2018 in partnership with the DOF Innovation Lab. The purpose of this workshop is to build on the current innovation eco-map and develop a resource to for those interested in innovation. The community believe it is essential to remove the obstacles and identify any gaps that impact on our ability to innovate.


The community of practice has focused on developing a proposal to evaluate level three QI training. The group have partnered with Queens and UU for this work and recently presented at the Health Foundation Q community event and were successful in achieving a grant of £25,000 and securing third place out of 15 in the UK voting on the day. The community will focus on leading this evaluation work which will fundamentally influence how we approach the building of capacity and capability of the workforce. It is anticipated the evaluation and workforce community of practice will work collaboratively on this initiative.

December 2017 Update

In December 2017 there was a HSCQI Design Event, where we shared progress and our forward plans to continue to build our QI infrastructure in Northern Ireland. HSCQI – 7th December Event Report.