Bring your QI or innovation idea to life

This is the place to start if you’ve came up with an idea for an improvement. Remember anyone can suggest an improvement and even the smallest idea may help.

View other Projects

First, check out some of the projects that have already been completed. Someone may have done something similar and they will be willing to help.

Quality Improvement or Innovation?

Perhaps your unsure if your idea is an Improvement to an already existing process or your idea is a new Innovation that totally changes how something is done. Read more about Innovation and see what resources are here to help.

Start a new project

Read the following advice on getting a project started. When you are ready to start we have information on how to Register, plan and manage your project

Get others involved

Make your project a success by involving the right people. See our information on Service User and Carer Involvement and our QI Commmunity.