Innovations happening in HSC

Innovations are happening throughout HSC, here’s a few examples.

Wireless technology in the diagnosis and management of palpitation

Use of new wireless technology in the diagnosis and management of palpitations: a partnership with General Practice and has now been adopted as a model in NI.

3D printing for the provision of prosthetic digits

Use of 3D printing for the provision of prosthetic digits in partnership with social enterprise: tests the idea of transformative service redesign using integrated technology

Medicines Optimisation and Innovation Centre (MOIC), NHSCT

  • MOIC are working on the use of secure analytic tagging with commercial partner Healthcare analytics. Using specially designed and tested electronic tags, the innovation is being tested on beds and mattresses in Antrim Hospital. The model uses bar coding technology and wifi, and detection Beacons have been installed in Antrim Hospital to support tracking and tracing using this technology. The pilot commenced in January 2018, with a view to expansion. The same innovation is also being tested for tracking and tracing of equipment used in clients homes sourced from Community Equipment Stores, and the tracking of individual instruments in relation to podiatry and dental decontamination. The tags have now been subjected to decontamination processes and have been found to be robust.
  • Building on the antibiotic cycling work, a PhD student has recently commenced work in the area of antibiotic thresholds. The current thinking on Antibiotic thresholds is that by use of a range of antibiotics below threshold levels will impact on resistance patterns. Supervision and mentorship is being provided by MOIC/NHSCT staff. Ethical and governance applications have now been made and it is hope that data collection will begin in early 2018