HSCQI Awards



The Improvement Hub for HSCQI would like to invite you to submit entries for the HSCQI Awards 2022. 

What you need to know

Aim of the awards

Health and Social Care should be safe, effective, timely, patient-centered, efficient and equitable (Institute of Medicine 2001 Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century). This means providing care that:

  • Protects patients from medical errors and does not cause harm (safe)
  • Is proven to work or get results (effective, efficient)
  • Is responsive to a patient’s needs and preferences (patient-centered, timely, and equitable).

The HSCQI Awards 2022 will recognise and showcase the excellent work undertaken across the HSC system to drive improvement to the quality of care.

Award categories

There are eight category awards, each linked to projects advancing Quality Improvement (QI) in:

  1. Improving Outcomes for Patients with Covid-19

This award aims to recognise those teams who have used QI approaches to focus on driving continuous improvements leading to better treatments and outcomes for patients who have contracted Covid-19.

  1. Staff Wellbeing

Our greatest resource is our staff. This award celebrates teams who have used QI approaches to make measurable improvements in the wellbeing of the workforce.

  1. Delivering Reliable Care

This award recognises teams who have used QI approaches to help reduce “defects” in care or care processes, increase the consistency with which appropriate care is delivered and improve patient outcomes.

  1. Patient Safety

This award celebrates teams who are using a QI approach to push the boundaries of patient safety and drive cultural change to minimise risk, enhance quality of care and ultimately save lives.

  1. Using a QI Approach to Reduce Health and Social Care Inequalities

This award recognises teams who have used a QI approach to reduce inequality and increase equity in service provision. Teams will have used local data to evidence and monitor the impact of service change for targeted populations.

  1. Improving Timely Access

The pandemic has impacted on all aspects of healthcare. This has led to a considerable backlog of people waiting for treatment and services. This award recognises teams who have used a QI approach to reduce waiting times and improve timely access to services.

  1. Transformation

This award celebrates teams who have used a QI approach to improve quality, safety and effectiveness using new approaches or collaborative / cross boundary ways of working.

  1. Care Homes

This award celebrates excellence and innovation in the care home sector. As the population ages and special needs demand grows, this award will recognise teams who have used a QI approach to raise the standards of care.

You may submit applications to any of the 8 categories listed. If you work in Trust you must speak to your QI Lead in the first instance.

All applicants MUST show evidence of the use of quality improvement methodology to include:

  • Aim for work (Include Driver Diagram)
  • Processes used / changes tested / implemented
  • Measures / results in appropriate visual format
  • Evidence of co-design / co-production / Service User & Carer involvement
  • Lessons learnt from the project

Also considered will be:

  • Clarity of the submission
  • Evidence of resources saved

What do the category winners receive?

  • The winner of each category award will be presented with a trophy plus a grant. The grant awards must be spent during the 2022/2023 financial year
  • In addition, to the trophy and grant, you and your team as a winning entry will have the recognition of being an HSCQI Award winner! This will provide an opportunity to have your team and organisation’s work profiled across the region. Your award winning QI work will be showcased at various HSCQI learning events and other prestigious health and social care events, providing your team and organisation with the opportunity to share your learning, collaborate further and possibly scale and spread your evidence based QI improvement work. There will be coverage of the awards on the HSCQI channels and in other media, further raising the profile of the award winning QI work.

 What is the closing date for making an award entry?

All entries must be with the HSCQI hub by 5pm Friday, 15th April 2022.

How will the awards be judged?

Once received, a judging panel will score the award entries and draw up a shortlist for interview.

If you have questions…

If you work in Trust you must  speak to your QI Lead in the first instance.

Please click here for information slides


If you have still got a query? Then

If you work in a Trust, please speak to your QI Team.

If you work in Primary Care, a Care Home or in Integrated Care then please email ihub@hscni.net with your query.

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