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South Eastern Trust captures crucial learning for the ongoing vaccine service design and delivery in the region

13 May 2022

South Eastern Trust captures crucial learning for the ongoing vaccine service design and delivery in the region

A Mass Vaccination Centre was established in the SSE Arena Belfast led by South Eastern Trust (SEHSCT) which would facilitate the vaccination of up to 6,000 people per day. Nursing, pharmacy, medical, dental, AHP and support staff from across the Trust supported the programme either through temporary redeployment or undertaking additional hours. As a learning organisation the SEHSCT Quality Improvement Team conducted an evaluation.

The focus of the evaluation was to collate experiences of the team working in the vaccination centre located at the SSE arena, to conduct narrative analysis and apply learning back to the organisation.

The methodology had a twofold approach; a structured online questionnaire that was circulated to all working in the vaccination centre with a response rate of 43% (382 people) responding to this questionnaire and in-depth interviews were conducted with 25 people.  These face to face interviews represented the diversity of roles within the vaccine team. Content conceptual analysis was used to quantify and analyse the themes of the experience of the vaccine programme effort. This information has been collated to shape organisational learning.

Evident throughout all of the interviews conducted was the overarching motivation to help for working at the SSE vaccination centre.  The staff had a drive to help colleagues, help protect family and friends and to help play a part in getting the population vaccinated.

The effort made by the team planning, managing and delivering the vaccine centre was immense and it is crucial that learning is captured for the on-going vaccine effort but also to influence service design and delivery across SEHSCT. Ten key lessons were highlighted as a result of the impact evaluation.

Key Organisational Lessons

Key Organisational Lessons

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