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Don’t forget to check out HSCQI online poster library

10 August 2022

Qi Poster library

QI enthusiasts and professionals are being pointed in the direction of a poster repository – available on the HSCQI website.

The continuous development and improvement of the site is essential to share best practice, news stories and support staff with QI tools and approaches.

Clifford Mitchell, Regional Senior Improvement Advisor, Improvement Hub for HSCQI, said: “You have put a lot of hard work into your project, which deserves recognition – don’t be shy about your achievements! Sharing your project could help other teams in your Trust, other NHS organisations or even international healthcare providers who have similar problems. The HSCQI online poster database can help to ensure that the knowledge gained from your QI projects will reach as many people as possible!”

This repository features posters showcasing work by individuals who took part in Trust Level Course courses the Scottish Quality and Safety Fellowship Programme (SQS Fellowship) and the Scottish Improvement Leader (ScIL) Programme  and captures the great work carried out in Trust-based QI programmes across Heath and Social Care.

To ensure that these QI project posters, from a wide range of multi-disciplinary backgrounds and subject areas, are easily accessible, they have been divided into five main categories; Social and Community Care, Acute Care, Medication Safety, Primary Care and the SQS Fellowship and ScIL Programme.

Additionally, an overarching search function has been added to the page which is efficient and user friendly. The search function allows individuals to find the desired resources using key words such as the topic area, organisation and author.

If you would like to use the poster repository resource, to help you on your QI journey, please follow the below link.