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HSCQI Hub Team shares introduction to QI with BSO colleagues

24 April 2023

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The Health and Social Care Quality Improvement (HSCQI) Hub Team were recently invited by Karen Hunter, Director of Strategic Planning and Customer Engagement, Business Services Organisation (BSO) to take an introductory session on Quality Improvement (QI).  The BSO Strategic Planning and Customer Engagement Team were joined by Family Practitioner Services (FPS) colleagues for the session.

Clifford Mitchell and Levette Lamb, Regional Senior Improvement Advisors with HSCQI led the session which introduced some QI theory, tools and techniques that can be used in an improvement project.  The session aimed to help staff recognise their roles in turning great ideas into great improvements and provide them with some useful QI tools to get their improvement idea developed and tested.

BSO QI session


What is QI Model for Improvement

Levette introduced the session by saying:

‘QI gives people closest to issues affecting the quality of a service, the time, permission, skills and resources they need to make improvements. It involves a systematic and coordinated approach to solving a problem, using specific methods and tools with the aim of bringing about a measurable improvement.’

Jennifer Ferguson, Performance and Improvement Manager within BSO who attended the session commented:

‘The introduction to QI session was very informative and useful for the BSO teams who attended. We have been provided with lots of tools and innovative methodologies which have endless possibilities within our respective teams.

Levette and Clifford have definitely inspired us to think more about how we can bring about improvement.  For me the session has reiterated the importance of taking time out as a team from conducting our business as usual, to think strategically in terms of how we can develop and improve our services.’

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