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HSCQI launches Timely Access to Safe Care (TASC) Stage 2

11 September 2023

TASC update image

The HSCQI scale and spread TASC programme has been designed to engage Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts in quality improvement (QI) projects focused on improving Timely Access to Safe Care and to scale and spread their learning across the HSC system.

In TASC Stage 1, 21 teams used local testing, applied recognised QI methodology, collected data and evidence and shared their learning through a collaboration-based approach. At the end of Stage 1, three project areas were selected for system-wide scale and spread progressing to TASC Stage 2.

The three project areas are:

  • Social care: Unallocated Cases in Children’s Services (SHSCT and SEHSCT)
  • Mental Health: Improving Access to Adult Psychological Services (WHSCT)
  • Scheduled Outpatients: Improving Access to Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Services (SHSCT)

This week saw the launch of the TASC 2, supported by the HSCQI Network and teams from across the region. Over the next 10 months these teams will collaborate further to spread the learning from the three project areas, apply more tests of change in their own settings and evidence further improvements.

Speaking at the TASC Stage 2 launch, Clifford Mitchell, Senior Regional Improvement Advisor, HSCQI commented:

“Addressing the scale and spread of improvement is a top priority for the  HSCQI Network and we are delighted to see so many teams here today, ready and willing to learn from each other and accelerate the pace of change.”

If you would like to find out more about the HSCQI TASC Programme, please contact Clifford Mitchell, Senior Regional Improvement Advisor on

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