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The most important currency is time

26 April 2023

Brian Dolan session

HSCQI recently invited internationally acclaimed Prof Brian Dolan to share his experience and learning with the HSCQI Network.

Brian Dolan picBrian is well known for his ground-breaking work, the Last 1000 Days and EndPJparalysis, social movements which are about valuing patients’ time and encouraging early mobilisation of hospitalised patients.

In 2018, Brian was voted by the public as one of top 20 most influential people in the history of the NHS.


Brian introduced the session by showing a very impactful video ’Your last 1000 Days’ which participants instantly related to in both professional and personal capacities. This video may be upsetting for some people.

Levette Lamb, Regional Senior Improvement Advisor with HSCQI, commented after the session:

‘That was a powerful and emotional HSCQI session with the amazing Prof Brian Dolan. I think there are messages for us all.  For me, it’s that time is the most important currency, we are all memory makers and there is no ward like home. The 1000 days message is so vital for all of us. As healthcare professionals we are able to make a real difference to peoples’ lives and today’s session was an inspiring reminder of that opportunity and how fortunate we are to be in that role.’

For more resources with links see ‘Valuing patients’ time and the presentation ‘Why patients’ time is the most important currency in healthcare (21 April 2023)

For more information on HSCQI and Quality Improvement or follow @HSCQI on Twitter.  You can follow Prof Brian Dolan on Twitter @BrianwDolan