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The Trust QI (Quality Improvement) Academy is delivering  Quality Improvement training via a mix of virtual and in person sessions.

Quality Fundamentals

The South Eastern HSC Trust is delighted to announce the launch of Quality Fundamentals, the newest addition to its existing suite of quality improvement training programmes.

Inspired by the fact that many staff within the Trust remained under-represented on our existing programmes, and our desire to connect fully with all staff to ensure they feel supported and encouraged to embrace QI to the same extent as other staff groups, Quality Fundamentals was developed.

This new programme has been designed primarily for staff that work within non-clinical roles or roles that support our clinical services within the Trust. Our overall goal is to help staff recognise that they have key and important roles as part of our Trust’s QI journey and our desire is to help them understand that, no matter what their role or band is, they all have great ideas that can be turned into great improvements.

This drive to make sure that we are helping ALL staff to improve, by teaching the tools, the knowledge and the skills that they will need to do that, is further reinforced by the Trust’s new Quality Strategy, ‘Quality 4 All’.

The first cohort of our programme is now fully booked, and encouragingly a waiting list has been formed, with registrants signed up from a wide variety of areas and roles across the Trust.  We have staff from patient experience, catering, laundry, peer support, patient administration, CSSD, dementia companions, MH peer trainers, SLT assistants, physio assistants and health care assistants who we were delighted to welcome to our pre-course information sessions in June, 2022.

Feedback from the sessions has been very positive and we are looking forward with excitement to finally commencing our programme via Zoom in September 2022.

South Eastern Trust’s latest training programme aims to reach all staff


Quality Lite (Level 1 QI Training and Q2020 Attributes Framework for HSC)

Previously delivered in a face to face setting, the Quality Lite Level 1 QI Training  ( Level 1 Q2020 Attributes Framework)  is an introduction for all to HSC staff to Quality Improvement. The programme, now running virtually as a one day workshop, combines self-directed learning and teaching via Zoom. To date, 152 participants have completed the training virtually and 255 participants have completed the Q2020 e-learning.


Quality4U (Level 2 QI Training – Q2020 Attributes Framework for HSC)

 Quality4U (formerly the SQE Programme) is available to ALL staff and is an eight month programme comprising of regular teaching sessions on a variety of topics including the Model for Improvement, Measurement and QI Tools, Involving Service Users, Connecting People and Showcasing a Project.

Participants also carry out a small scale QI project and develop a poster applying the QI knowledge and skills taught at the programme.

Participants are supported by mentors and QI Academy faculty via one to one sessions with the Programme Lead and also have access to QI coaching clinics.

The 2021/22 cohort was carried out virtually and participants completed the programme in July 2022. Projects from this cohort include:

  • Improving Accessibility to Medical Students in SE Trust Accommodation
  • Band 5 Community Nurse Induction Packs
  • Introducing a Weekend GP X-ray Service in Downe Hospital
  • Venesection Administration
  • Supporting Learning and Development in the Children and Young People SLT Team


“I am thankful for the course – it has developed my thinking and given me a lot of new tools to consider when thinking about quality improvement”. (2021-22 participant)