Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trust QI (Quality Improvement) Academy is now offering all Quality Improvement training virtually.

SQE Lite Level 1 QI Training and Q2020 Attributes Framework for HSC

Previously delivered in a face to face setting, the SQE Lite Level 1 QI Training and Q2020 Attributes Framework for HSC is an introduction for all to HSC staff to Quality Improvement. The programme, now running virtually as a one day workshop, combines self-directed learning and teaching via Zoom. To date, 152 participants have completed the training virtually and 255 participants have completed the Q2020 e-learning.

SQE Programme Level 2

Currently celebrating the 10th of the SQE Programme, the South Eastern Trust are delighted to be hosting the now virtual programme, once more. The programme runs for eight month, is open to all staff and incorporates monthly teaching sessions on a variety of topics, the development of a small scale QI project and the production of a QI poster. Currently, cohort participants are virtually experiencing an upgraded version of the original programme.

Sessions now consist of two full teaching days and the remaining sessions are delivered as half day teaching sessions. Furthermore, participants are supported by mentors and/or QI Academy faculty, facilitated through one to one sessions with the programme lead and all participants have access to QI coaching clinics. To date, 22 participants completed the SQE Programme virtually in August 2021 and 38 staff members are currently participating.

SQE for Junior Doctors Programme Level 2

To support the learning and development of junior doctors, the South Eastern Trust facilitates a bi-annual virtual SQE for Junior Doctors Programme. The programme, delivered over Zoom, allows all junior doctors on rotational placement the opportunity to engage in quality improvement with the South Eastern Trust. This is a 5 month programme with hourly sessions running twice a month, which are supported by IHI modules and the junior doctor participants will undertake a small QI project as part of the programme.

SQE Fundamentals Programme Level 2

A new addition to the schedule, the SQE Fundamentals Programme has been very well received by clinical and non-clinical support staff. This EQUIP staff are currently employing their skills and knowledge in continuous quality improvement and rapid cycle testing, to design the programme. The programme goal is to give participants the ability to make changes that will help them to more effectively improve the services provided within the South Eastern Trust. This highly anticipated programme is due to commence in 2022.